Alleppey Collection Preview: Coconut Palm Pickers

Introducing the Coconut Palm Pickers print from our new Alleppey Collection. Just like the Camel Traders print from our Pushkar collection which saw the bright white kurtas and hot pink turbans of traders pop out amongst a sea of grey camels, this pattern features the orange lunghis of men climbing to collect coconuts, standing out amongst a canopy of green palm trees.

For our quilts, the design is hand screen printed on to a rich blue cotton cambric. Layer one down.

Printing layer two, the light grey tree trunks.

4 layers down.

All 6 colours down, the final print.

For cushion covers the design is hand printed onto a contrasting white cotton linen.

Because we like all our products to be reversible and versatile so you can mix and match designs, this print too will be paired with another fun pattern – the palm weave print, featured in a previous post.

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