A gorgeous statement rug can pull together any room. Safomasi's range of handtufted and handwoven flatweave rugs are designed to bring joy and warmth to your space. Our rugs can be customised in any size and colour to perfectly suit your interior scheme.

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Blue and Green Manali DhurrieBlue and Green Manali Dhurrie

Blue and Green Manali Dhurrie

From £475
Rose and Ochre Manali DhurrieRose and Ochre Manali Dhurrie

Rose and Ochre Manali Dhurrie

From £475
Blue Darjeeling DhurrieBlue Darjeeling Dhurrie

Blue Darjeeling Dhurrie

From £475
Rust Darjeeling DhurrieRust Darjeeling Dhurrie

Rust Darjeeling Dhurrie

From £475
Green Darjeeling DhurrieGreen Darjeeling Dhurrie

Green Darjeeling Dhurrie

From £475
Black Darjeeling DhurrieBlack Darjeeling Dhurrie

Black Darjeeling Dhurrie

From £475
Black and White Crane DhurrieBlack and White Crane Dhurrie

Black and White Crane Dhurrie

From £475
Green and Pink Crane DhurrieGreen and Pink Crane Dhurrie

Green and Pink Crane Dhurrie

From £475
Blue and Pink Crane DhurrieBlue and Pink Crane Dhurrie

Blue and Pink Crane Dhurrie

From £475
Maroon and Grey Crane DhurrieMaroon and Grey Crane Dhurrie

Maroon and Grey Crane Dhurrie

From £475
Yellow and Grey Crane DhurrieYellow and Grey Crane Dhurrie

Yellow and Grey Crane Dhurrie

From £475
Pink Labourdonnais DhurriePink Labourdonnais Dhurrie

Pink Labourdonnais Dhurrie

From £475
Green Labourdonnais DhurrieGreen Labourdonnais Dhurrie

Green Labourdonnais Dhurrie

From £475
Landscape DhurrieLandscape Dhurrie

Landscape Dhurrie

From £125
Langur RugLangur Rug

Langur Rug

From £625
Lagoon RugLagoon Rug

Lagoon Rug

From £625
Orange Big Cat Camo RugOrange Big Cat Camo Rug

Orange Big Cat Camo Rug

From £625
Green Big Cat Camo RugGreen Big Cat Camo Rug

Green Big Cat Camo Rug

From £625
Yellow Hibiscus RugYellow Hibiscus Rug

Yellow Hibiscus Rug

From £625
Pink Hibiscus RugPink Hibiscus Rug

Pink Hibiscus Rug

From £625
Rainbow Border DhurrieRainbow Border Dhurrie

Rainbow Border Dhurrie

From £475

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