Quilts & Throws

Bring colour and comfort into the bedroom with Safomasi’s unique handmade cotton quilts, whilst our versatile woven and knitted throws are perfect for snuggling up on the sofa.

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Winding Roads QuiltWinding Roads Quilt

Winding Roads Quilt

From £225
Green Pine QuiltGreen Pine Quilt

Green Pine Quilt

From £225
Lodhi Garden QuiltLodhi Garden Quilt

Lodhi Garden Quilt

From £225
Cave House QuiltCave House Quilt

Cave House Quilt

From £225
Fairy Chimney QuiltFairy Chimney Quilt

Fairy Chimney Quilt

From £225
Big Cat Camo QuiltBig Cat Camo Quilt

Big Cat Camo Quilt

From £225
Yellow Weaver QuiltYellow Weaver Quilt

Yellow Weaver Quilt

From £225
Pink Coral Reef QuiltPink Coral Reef Quilt

Pink Coral Reef Quilt

From £225
Blue Ocean Reef QuiltBlue Ocean Reef Quilt

Blue Ocean Reef Quilt

From £225
Balloons at Dawn QuiltBalloons at Dawn Quilt

Balloons at Dawn Quilt

Balloon Knitted ThrowBalloon Knitted Throw

Balloon Knitted Throw

Goreme Knitted ThrowGoreme Knitted Throw

Goreme Knitted Throw

Mountain Zig Zag QuiltMountain Zig Zag Quilt
Sold out

Mountain Zig Zag Quilt

From £225

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