St+Art Delhi

St+Art Delhi, on until the end of February has been taken over the city for the past couple of weeks. The first festival of its kind in India, in their words (which are much better than ours!)…

"St+Art Delhi is an urban art festival that brings together some of the best Indian and International street artists for 50 days of murals, installations, workshops, talks and walks on the street. The festival aims to promote street art on the Indian landscape, as well as provide a collaborative platform for artists from all over the world. 80 walls, 50 artists, 500 litres of paint and unlimited madness."


One of the most transformed areas is Shahpur Jat, which has gained 28 new landmarks! 

Street Art in Shahpur Jat

Tona's stencil of a boy looking up.. 

Round the corner is Sergio from Brazil’s piece – a hit with all the kids!

Anpu’s cat – one of our favourites!

Bond’s classroom

And there are so many more walls, not only in Shahpur Jat, but all over the city. Don’t miss (It’d be hard not to if you’re driving by!) Hendrik’s enormous 150ft mural of Gandhi on the Police Headquarters, ITO. We don’t have a picture, but fortunately the festival has been documented fantastically. Check out for great images and really interesting interviews, not only with the St.ART artists but the locals who have given permission for their walls to be painted.