Blind Spot Exhibition

The other night we went to the opening of Blind Spot, a fantastic exhibition by W+K Exp and Outset India, which explores the aesthetics of the Indian Middle class. The result of several years of research by W+K Delhi’s planners, each room of an abandoned house in Jorbagh, New Delhi was dressed to reflect the seven different sensibilities found to exist in Indian homes – cute, executive, nature, jazzy, decent, traditional, and royal.


Pastel shades and teddy bears (wrapped in plastic).


Paint effect wall and patterned curtains.


Shiny stainless steel. Simple. Professional.


A colour palette of rich reds, golds and purple... 


The Venue

The venue for the show was an amazing building – House no. 24, Lodhi Road, an empty house in Jorbagh, New Delhi.

What we really liked about the show was how honest and real it was – it made us notice and think about the interiors we see everyday around us. For example, we realised our landlord is definitely a ‘jazzy’ man – there is a textured, pearlescent red wall in our living room, not to mention our lighting centrepiece! A not-very-subtle ‘chandelier’, and blue recessed lights all around the false ceiling. In fact, we have 27 lights in our living room, very jazzy indeed…

Anyway, back to Blind Spot. On till Sunday October 27th, if you’re in Delhi, it’s a must-see this weekend. If not, definitely check it out online at

Blind Spot / House No. 24, Lodhi Road New Delhi / 24 – 27 October 2013 / 11am – 6.30pm