3 Pink Sofa Living Room Ideas

We love pink, so it’s no surprise that we love a pink sofa. A pink sofa can make a bold and fun statement, but it can also be versatile and pair well with many colours, especially shades of green. Here are 3 pink sofa living room ideas for how to decorate and choose wall colours, cushions, furniture and rugs to go with your pink sofa.

 Look 1: Light and Bright

Soft green walls are the perfect partner for this light and bright pink sofa. Paired with a bold rug and playful cushions, the tight colour palette stops the mix of patterns from becoming overwhelming. A sleek modular coffee table balances the look, resulting in a modern and fresh living space.

Sofa: Iqrup + Ritz Lucas Sofa
CushionsSafomasi Langur Cushion (both sides shown).
Rug: Safomasi Green Big Cat Camo Handtufted Rug
Coffee Table: Iqrup + Ritz Link White Coffee Table
Light: Houseof Pink Cage Ceiling Light

Look 2: Forest Green and Blush

Pink and green is such a great combination, so we had to try it another way. Here, a forest green rug and lush indoor plants create a warm and inviting space, accessorised with cushions and colourful art.

Sofa: SCP Elmer Sofa by Lucy Kurrein
Cushions: Safomasi Green Woven Tortoise Cushion, Safomasi Net Block Cushion
Rug: Safomasi Green and Pink Crane Dhurrie
Art: Inaluxe New Dawn No. 1 Botanical Art Print 

Look 3: Shades of Grey

Ok, we admit this scheme was a little influenced by Jacqueline Fernandez’s living room designed by Ashiesh Shah… but it works so well! When paired with striking prints in shades of grey the pink-ness of the sofa is toned down and it becomes more like a neutral.

Sofa: Muuto Rest Sofa
Cushions: Safomasi Grey Woven Peace Hands Cushion
Rug: Safomasi Langur Handtufted Rug
Light: Heal’s Benjamin Uplighter Floor Lamp
Art: Formworks Abstract 05 1:1

Hope this gets you thinking about ways to style a pink sofa in fun and different ways! Which look is your favourite?

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