3 Blue Sofa Living Room Ideas

A blue sofa can open up a whole host of colour schemes for your living room. For a start, there are many different shades of blue, from light sky blue to teal and navy. There are also many styles of sofa to suit various interior styles. We’ve taken three shades and styles of blue sofa and created three distinct living room looks, so if you’re looking for blue sofa living room ideas read on for some inspiration.

Blue Sofa Look 1: Petrol Blue Velvet

Blue and orange make a bold yet stunning living room scheme. This gorgeous petrol blue velvet sofa is offset by our Orange Evil Eye Dhurrie, and the tones of both are found in the cushions styled on the sofa.

Sofa: Att Pynta Dahlia Petrol Velvet Sofa
Cushions: Safomasi Balloons at Dawn Cushion, Safomasi Catch of the Day Cushion, Safomasi Fish Pattern Cushion
Rug: Safomasi Orange Evil Eye Dhurrie
Coffee Table: Mag Coffee table by Daniel Schofield for the Conran Shop
Light: Houseof Sputnik Brass Flush Ceiling Light

Blue Sofa Look 2: Blue Linen

This living room scheme has a more traditional style of sofa and restrained colour palette. The nautical and travel inspired prints on the cushions and lampshade add a playful touch.

Sofa: SCP Oscar Sofa in Bright Blue
Cushions: Safomasi Regatta Cushions, Safomasi Blue Woven Festival Cushions
Rug: Safomasi Lavender Evil Eye Dhurrie
Lampshade: Made from Safomasi Evil Eye Tree Cotton Linen
Footstool: Sofa.com Dahlia Footstool
Mirror: Made.com Emerson Wall Mirror

Blue Sofa Look 3: Soft Blue Pastels

This look features a soft sky blue sofa, paired with our handwoven Pink Labourdonnais dhurrie. The rug has the same blue as an accent colour, alongside orange and pink, and to complement it we styled the sofa with cushions in the same colour palette.

Sofa: Loaf Slow-mo Sofa in Soft Blue
Cushions: Safomasi Camel Traders Cushion, Safomasi Dusty Blue Zen Onsen Garden Cushion, Safomasi Pink Belle Mare Woven Cushion
Rug: Safomasi Pink Labourdonnais Dhurrie
Light: Habitat Kura Large Pink Origami Lampshade
Coffee Table: Heal’s Crawford Coffee Table
Artwork: Sarah Fotheringham Peacock Print from Jealous Gallery

We hope this has given you some ideas for different ways to style a blue sofa. Which look is your favourite?