Shop fabrics, homewares and rugs from our collection inspired by travels through the foothills of the Himalayas.
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Mountain Zig Zag QuiltMountain Zig Zag Quilt
Sold out

Mountain Zig Zag Quilt

From $291
Winding Roads QuiltWinding Roads Quilt

Winding Roads Quilt

From $291
Green Pine QuiltGreen Pine Quilt

Green Pine Quilt

From $291
Green Pine Cushion CoverGreen Pine Cushion Cover

Green Pine Cushion Cover

From $59
Mountain Zig Zag FabricMountain Zig Zag Fabric

Mountain Zig Zag Fabric

From $2
Winding Roads FabricWinding Roads Fabric

Winding Roads Fabric

From $2
Pine FabricPine Fabric

Pine Fabric

From $2
Green Kullu House FabricGreen Kullu House Fabric

Green Kullu House Fabric

From $2
Blue Kullu House FabricBlue Kullu House Fabric

Blue Kullu House Fabric

From $2
Orange Kullu House FabricOrange Kullu House Fabric

Orange Kullu House Fabric

From $2
Teal Prayer Flag FabricTeal Prayer Flag Fabric

Teal Prayer Flag Fabric

From $2
Mountain Zig Zag Bean BagMountain Zig Zag Bean Bag

Mountain Zig Zag Bean Bag

From $143
Winding Roads Bean BagWinding Roads Bean Bag

Winding Roads Bean Bag

From $143
Pine Bean BagPine Bean Bag

Pine Bean Bag

From $143
Orange Kullu House Bean BagOrange Kullu House Bean Bag

Orange Kullu House Bean Bag

From $143
Green Kullu House Bean BagGreen Kullu House Bean Bag

Green Kullu House Bean Bag

From $143
Blue Kullu House Bean BagBlue Kullu House Bean Bag

Blue Kullu House Bean Bag

From $143
Green Pine Baby QuiltGreen Pine Baby Quilt

Green Pine Baby Quilt


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