Summer Quilts: The Best Bedding to Keep Cool on Warm Nights

As summer comes around it's time to give your bedroom a seasonal update. In this blog post, we'll explore summer quilts and bedding, helping you find the best ways to style your bed for those warm balmy nights to create a space that's not only welcoming but also optimised for staying cool and sleeping soundly. 

Summer Quilts - Lightweight Layers and Bedding to Keep you Cool on Warm Summer Nights

Embrace Lightweight Layers

One of our top tips for summer bedding is to layer up lightweight layers. A crisp flat sheet layered with a lightweight cotton quilt is the perfect practical and chic way to style your bed for summer. Not only does it make your bed look elegant and inviting, but this combination will help you stay cool and fresh. Not too hot, nor too cold! 

Summer Quilt Lightweight Layers to Keep you CoolThe quilt will bring versatile comfort and style, whilst the sheet will protect it from too much direct contact, allowing it to be washed less frequently (even though all our quilts can be machine washed!) This is a favourite way for us to make the bed throughout summer and those tricky in-between seasons when you're not quite sure what the weather's doing. 

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Opt for Natural Fabrics

We recommend you use bedding made from 100% natural fibres all year round, but summer really is the time to switch out any polyester sheets for airy, natural fabrics. Cotton and linen are excellent choices for summer bedding. Unlike their synthetic counterparts, natural fibres are breathable, allowing for better air circulation, wicking away moisture and heat from your body and keeping you cool throughout the night. 

Summer Bedding Green Camo Cotton Linen Duvet Cover

If you prefer to keep a duvet on throughout the year, remember to switch to a lighter tog for the summer. It really makes a difference. All our duvet covers are made from cotton linen, explore the range here.

Introduce Summery Prints

Aside from natural fibres and lightweight layers, think about the feel you want your bedroom have. You might think it's just aesthetics, but joyful patterns and colours can elevate your mood, bringing you a feel-good feeling that helps you go to sleep and wake up refreshed and energised. All our handmade cotton quilts are handprinted with original, unique designs that will make you, and your bedroom, feel special.

Summer Quilts in Joyful Colours

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