Rug Buying Guide: Choosing the Right Rug for your Space

A rug is one of the most important elements in a room, bringing colour, texture and warmth to your interior and often tying the overall look together. Rugs can also be used very effectively to zone an open plan space. To select the perfect rug for you, you need to consider the size, construction, colours and pattern.

What size rug should I get?

You should always go for the biggest rug you can, so that your rug touches your furniture. A larger rug will have more impact and make the space seem bigger, whilst a rug that’s too small can look like it’s ‘floating’ in the space.

In the living room your rug should go under the front feet of your sofa. For a dining area make sure the rug is big enough for you to pull your chairs out comfortably without them getting caught up. In your bedroom, position a rug underneath the bed so it extends out both sides and at the end, alternatively you could use smaller rugs on either side.

A tape measure is handy in determining what size rug will work best. If you’re having trouble visualising it you might find it helpful to measure and mark it out in masking tape on the floor so you can get a sense of the size in real life.

We can make our rugs in custom sizes, so if the size you’re looking for is not listed on our website, just get in touch and we’ll be happy to get you a quote.

What type of rug should I get?

Handwoven Dhurrie vs Handtufted Rug

We make both handwoven dhurries and handtufted wool rugs. Handwoven dhurries are flat weave rugs, hand woven on a loom to produce a flat surface with no pile. They are hardwearing and reversible, and can be used from either side. Handtufted rugs are made using a hand-held tufting gun to punch yarns through backing fabric stretched onto a canvas frame. Tufted rugs can use different yarns to create more different pile heights and texture and are heavier and thicker, with a plush, luxurious feel.

It’s a personal choice as to which style you prefer.

Depending on the design we may be able to custom make one of our dhurries a tufted rug and vice versa, although keep in mind that illustrated detailed designs can be tufted, however geometric designs tend to work much better as tufted rugs.

What else should I think about?

Colour and pattern

Consider the other colours in your room and how they will work together. If you have a blank canvas, a statement rug can be your first purchase and you can pick up on the colours and tones in the rug to reflect in other parts of your room to create a cohesive colour palette. We can create rugs custom colour ways so if there are specific colours you’d like to incorporate just drop us a message and we’re happy to chat to you about ideas.

If you need more help just get in touch on our design advice page with a picture of your room and we’ll be happy to offer suggestions!

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