OYO Living Apartments

We recently completed our first collaboration with OYO on a new OYO Living property in Gurgaon. OYO Living are fully furnished long term rentals, aimed at young professionals living away from home for the first time. We worked closely with OYO’s in house design team on wallpapers, curtains and soft furnishings to help bring their vision of a fun, modern co-living space to life.

Statement Wallpapers

Each floor of the five storey property has a different colour theme, focused on bold and colourful wallpapers. On the top floor the Peace Hands design from our Japan-inspired Kawaii Collection was blown up and printed in a bright shade of green. We love how it looks! The hanging plants and up-cycled bottle lights complement the look.

On the floor below, our Festival print was blown up and printed in blue. The beautiful thing about this property is that the top three floors are centred around a skylight. The light floods through and you get a great view of the colour story on each floor.

A Place to Play

The idea of OYO living properties is to rent an individual room and enjoy the common areas with your flatmates. The 3rd floor has table tennis and a basketball hoop, against the backdrop of Purple Peace Hands wallpaper.

Living the Good Life

Home to the living and tv room, the second floor is designed as a place to chill. Lit up with a Pink neon sign the monochrome and pink decor features our Pink Net Block cushions, Black and White Crane Dhurrie and Pink Festival Wallpaper.

Colourful Printed Curtains

The rooms are left simple for tenants to decorate to their own personal style, except for the curtains which are made from our Stone Symbol fabric, custom printed in different colours. On the first floor they’re pink to match the living room.

On the second floor they're purple.

The next level up is blue. 

And on the top floor, Green.

OYO also collaborated with illustrator Harshi Agarwal of Brushes N Strokes on this project, commissioning several murals throughout as well as a giant map of Gurgaon on the exterior – a great landmark for the property!

For print, product and interior collaborations/commissions please get in touch on hello@safomasi.com