Lake District Print - Illustrated Textiles inspired by Cumbria

We originally created The Fells, a Lake District print for Snuggle Truffle, a store focused on cosy textiles, the British countryside and specifically, the Lake District.

Safomasi designs are all inspired by places that have been, and although we hadn’t (yet) had the chance to spend time in the Lake District, other countryside explorations and conversations with Snuggle Truffle founder Eleanor painted a really vivid picture of the Cumbrian landscape. We loved the idea of creating a Lake District print that told her story that also held memories for many others.

The Fells Lake District Print Cushion

We talked to Eleanor to find out more about Snuggle Truffle, get her perspective on the design process and hear about future plans!

How did you find the process of developing The Lake District print?

I had an idea about what the print could look like, and I sketched some pictures and photos to inspire the theme. We spent about an hour on Skype talking about the Lake District and the things I associate with it. Sarah scribbled away, and I could tell she had started to form a picture in her mind. After the call, a few weeks later she shared her first illustration of the Lake District print. It was stunning and I was impressed by how close it was to what I had imagined when I first had the idea. The level of detail and imagination was brilliant. We worked on a few tweaks around colour, a few images and style but really the illustration took shape very quickly. It was so exciting to sign off the final proof and design and I knew that something special had been created. It was also a significant milestone for me as it was the start of the journey with my own business and I’d finally taken the plunge and made it happen!

The Fells Lake District Print Baby quilt in the Cumbrian countrysideDo you have a favourite detail in the print?

There is so much detail in the Lake District print! The more you look the more you see. My daughter loves the farmer, and I love that he is wearing his blazer, tie and cap, it reminds me of my Grandad. I also love the scouts, but also the artists are important to me. The Lake District is such a hub of creativity and there are so many beautiful pictures and paintings inspired the Lakes. 

Lake District print detail man walking dogWhat's your connection to the Lake District?

I was born and raised in Cumbria on a farm near Keswick. When you grow up surrounded by hills and water they become background wallpaper, it’s only when you move away and then return that you start to see your surroundings in a different way more appreciative way.

The Fells Lake District Print Illustrated FabricThe Fells Lake District Print PillowcaseTell us about how you started your business

Snuggle Truffle started with a quest to find a light, organic cotton blanket for my daughter. From an early age my daughter suffered from eczema and needed fabric which didn’t irritate and make her too hot, but kept her cosy. I found a few great lightweight blankets, but it was hard to find any that had a bit more character and colour to them. I went on a mission to create my own and it was on that search I found Safomasi. Their beautiful bold prints were full of life and I loved that every design told a story. My daughter spent a lot of time looking at the print and telling stories about what she could see. From there I had the idea of a print inspired by the Lake District, home of Snuggle Truffle. After a few exchanges and Skype calls an idea started to be formed.

The Fells Lake District Print snuggly quiltThe Fells Lake District Print Tote BagSnuggle Truffle is a fun name, does it have a meaning?

It’s all about getting cosy, snuggling up and truffling! If Snuggle Truffle was in the dictionary it would say: the act of cuddling up and hunting for the best cosy position.

Whether it’s a cold wintry evening, a cool summers day or just tea and toast on the sofa, we all need a good blankie to snuggle under. Truffling also reflects on our approach exploring the globe to source blankets and throws with big personalities for children and adults.

Lake district hill walkers zip pouch

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