Illustrated Playing Cards for Architectural Digest

Nothing says Diwali party like playing cards! And for the October style issue, Architectural Digest magazine asked four designers to create a special deck of cards to feature in a festive taash party shoot. We were really happy to be one of them, alongside Rooshad Shroff, Alex Davis and Jean-François Lesage. 

Illustrated Playing Cards Tower of Cards

Illustrated 'Animal Kingdom' Playing Cards

With an open brief we had fun designing a deck of Illustrated playing cards, which we named ‘Animal Kingdom’. Featuring animals from our different collections we illustrated a deer, tiger and monkey from our Tiger Safari collection. A poodle from our Kawaii collection and camel from our Pushkar collection.

As everyone has their own unique style, each designer’s shoot came out quite differently. Alex Davis created Art Deco inspired laser-cut metal cards. Architect and designer Rooshad Shroff‘s playful ‘Archideck’ featured embroidered illustrations of architects including Zaha Hadid as a Queen and Karim Rashid as Joker. Chennai based Jean-François Lesage designed another embroidered set, but with inspiration from Indian motifs and tattoo art.

The October Issue of AD India has the full feature.

Stylist: Samir Wadekar
Photograher: Jignesh Jhaveri