Dopamine Decor to Create a Happy Home

Dopamine Decor is a trend that's been gathering interest for quite a while. Now at Safomasi we’re not big on trends, but Dopamine Decor isn’t about what colours, shapes and materials are ‘in’ this season. It’s a broader concept around designing spaces that stimulate the release of dopamine, the brain's "feel-good" neurotransmitter, promoting happiness and well-being. It suggests that the way we decorate an design our homes has the power to make us happy, and that’s something we can definitely get on board with!

Dopamine Decor Colourful Bedroom

What is Dopamine Decor?

Essentially it's about following your gut and decorating your home in a way that truly makes you feel happy. That can mean bright, vivid colours, it can mean nostalgia and playfulness and looking back to your childhood for things that bring you joy. The most important thing about Dopamine Decor is that it's personal and is all about creating a space that makes you happy.

How to decorate with Dopamine Decor 

Boost your mood with colour

Colour is one of the most impactful ways of transforming a space, and it’s well known that decorating with colour and can have a big impact on your mood. For instance, vibrant and bright colours like sunshine yellow can energise a room, lifting your spirits. Pinks and reds can bring warmth, excitement and passion. Blues and greens are known for their calming, soothing effects, promoting a sense of serenity within your home. Think about how you want a room to feel, and use that to influence the colours you choose to decorate with.

Dopamine Decor Colourful Pink Living RoomImage: @littlebigbell - Colourful pink living room featuring Safomasi cushions.

Personalise your space with pattern

Dopamine Decor is an inherently personal trend because it’s all about interiors that make you happy. This means ignoring what others might think and really embracing the colours, patterns and prints that bring you joy. Not sure where to start? Look for pieces that bring back memories of happy travels and will make you smile every time you see them (this is what we specialise in at Safomasi!) Think handmade mementos, a cushion with your favourite animal, or fabric that reminds you of a special place or person. Dopamine decor is all about bringing together colours, patterns and memories to create a visually stimulating and joyful environment that’s personal to you.

Dopamine Decor Colourful Home Dining Room Nook Green Table Runner and Curtains

Incorporate natural elements

Being out in nature can increase both dopamine and endorphins, so why not try to bring nature into your home through shades of green and natural decor elements. Think leafy botanical prints and natural materials such as wood, bamboo and rattan, and of course plenty of (real) house plants which can also have the added benefit of purifying the air.

Dopamine Decor Colourful Living room full of print and pattern to make a happy homeComfort is key

We are always calmer and happier when comfortable, so dopamine decor also means prioritising comfort. If your sofa is deep, make sure it has enough cushions to support your back. Keep blankets and throws to hand so you can wrap up and feel cosy in the evenings. A good night’s sleep is vital, so make sure your mattress comfortable, your windows have curtains or blinds that adequately control the light, and soften hard floors with rugs.

Where to buy Dopamine Decor?

At Safomasi we have lots of colourful fabrics and homewares designed to bring happiness and joy. Shop our Dopamine Decor Edit here. Shop Dopamine Decor Edit Colourful Homewares