Bean Bag Guide

Safomasi bean bags come in a range of playful printed and woven patterns and are a really easy way to bring fun and colour to your space, whilst providing comfy and versatile seating at the same time.

Our triangular pyramid shape bean bag chairs are more structured than typical round bean bags and hold the shape of your body better, making them super comfortable for lounging, reading and relaxing. Read on for all you need to know about our bean bags.


Colourful Bean Bag Chairs

Where can I use my bean bag?

Bean bags are perfect for casual seating and can be used in any space, from the living room to a playroom, kids bedroom, tv and games room, or any corner of your home that you want to turn into a cosy and relaxing spot. 

Although not specifically designed for outdoor use, bean bags can be moved outside and enjoyed in the garden, balcony or terrace on warm days. Note that they are not water, uv or weatherproof and should never be stored outside overnight.

Pink Bean Bag reading nook

What size bean bag should I get?

We make bean bags in two sizes; Regular and Junior.

Regular size bean bags can be used by both adults and children, so if you have the space and budget, we recommend going for the Regular size for their versatility, even if they are intended to be used by kids in a playroom. 

Junior size is suitable for young children. For school age children and above, but especially teenagers (who get big so fast!), Regular would be the best choice. However if you have an infant or young child, an advantage of choosing the bigger size over Junior is they are large enough for you to cuddle and read books together (perfect for story time), and they can get many more years of use out of it as they grow older.

What do I fill my bean bag with?

We sell our bean bags unfilled as we are unable to offer a competitive cost on the filling and shipping, but you can buy bean bag filler easily. Virgin and recycled polystyrene bean bag filler can be bought inexpensively online on Amazon and Ebay, or in stores such as Dunelm and Argos in the UK or Walmart in the US.

An alternative is Biofoam beans, a compostable biopolymer derived from plants or buckwheat husks. 

How much filler do I need? 

Regular Bean Bag: Approx. 10-11 cubic feet / 2-2.5 kg / 240-300 L

Junior Bean Bag: Approx. 4-5 cubic feet / 1kg / 120 L 

How much filler you use is a personal preference as to how 'full' you like your bean bag to be, but it's always better to have a little bit too much filler as you can keep it to top up later. 

How do I fill my bean bag?

  • Get someone to help if you can, you’ll find it much easier with two people.
  • Your bean bag will come with an inner liner to allow you to keep beans in place and remove the outer cover for easy cleaning.
  • Lay the liner inside the outer cover and hold the funnel of the liner open.
  • Pour beans into the liner through the funnel. To avoid spilling them everywhere, do this slowly and steadily, without opening the packet of filler too wide.
  • Once filled comfortably, tie the funnel drawstring securely and zip up the inner liner.
  • Make sure the filled inner liner is stuffed into the outer cover and zip it up. You’re now ready to enjoy your bean bag!

Bean bag for adults and children

Bean Bag Care


  • Quilted Cotton Linen, Cotton Linen and Woven Cotton bean bag covers can be machine washed on a low, gentle cycle.
  • Cotton Canvas bean bag covers must be dry cleaned and may shrink if washed.
  • Each product has care instructions under the 'Materials and Care' tab on the product page.


  • If the beans start to go flat after a few years, just top them up with a bit more filler and it will look like new again! Our family have used the same bean bags with filler topped up for over 15 years!

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